So many people struggle to find their purpose, live with lack of fulfillment and struggle with self-defeating patterns of their minds. You can have work that is a passion for you and that you know you came here to do.

To get trained for your true work, it may be a challenge to take time out of your life to travel to distant places. It is so important to keep current with your healing skills to give credence and authority to your work and the confidence that comes with great training. 

You can not only fine-tune your skills;  you can also advance  your own healing. This way, you can truly make your contribution to the world. 

It's the 21st century, and we have advancements in global communication that have made a whole new level of education possible.

It’s possible to get the healing education and enrichment that can turn your life around.

Marilyn Gordon
My Journey

I’ve been teaching hypnotherapy education and certification for over 30 years, and now I have extraordinary tools to deliver them online!

In the late 1960’s, I was a high school English teacher. These were difficult times in the schools (like today), and I needed to find a way to relax. Ultimately, I found yoga, meditation,and deep inner healing, and my life changed completely.

When I finally became a Certified Hypnotherapist, my work began to grow exponentiallyHaving the certificate gave me a platform from which to launch the work I loved. I started a school, and it began to grow.

I then began to branch out over the Internet with telecourses, teleseminars, online articles and more. I saw the infinite multiple streams of income that hypnosis can yield. I wrote a number of books, won six hypnosis awards and my work grew.

This is what we teach people in our program: how to use specific powerful tools to assist others to overcome their challenges, live their life purposes, and transform their lives. We have special methods, such as “The Transformational Healing Method” and “The Radiant Power Technique.” Our methods are very powerful, yet easy to learn.

We give you step-by-step blueprints so you can help your clients experience, release, and transform anything in their lives. Over 5 of our graduates have started their own schools, and many have created successful practices in the areas that interest them.

Getting my certificate made all the difference.

The time has come for a quantum leap online.

Learn the healing tools of the ages!

You can now receive a multimedia interactive, inspiring, and transformation program that will fine-tune and up-level the skills of those who are either already certified or who want to learn to go to the next level of their lives and work. Learn through videos, webinars, interactive Zoom communications, audio, PowerPoint, PDFs, and other advanced software. Imagine the possibilities! You don’t have to know tech for this. Everything will be explained and made easy for you. Expect a 21st century program that will raise your consciousness and inspire your imagination.
The time has come for a quantum leap online.

What You'll Learn In This 3 Month Continuing Education Program

  1. Background and understanding of hypnotherapeutic work, including levels of consciousness and how to work with them
  2. Groundbreaking skills in transformational hypnotherapy and advanced healing techniques
  3. Powerful methods for effective hypnotherapy sessions
  4. The Radiant Power Technique, which includes Completion--an extraordinary way to release old patterns, Faster EFT Energy Therapy, Wise Mind--going to the source of your deepest wisdom, Future Pacing and more
  5. The Transformational Healing Method - blueprint for transforming every issue of life
  6. The Root Cause Technique, a way to find out a person's blockages in minutes
  7. Innovative Inductions - powerful relaxation techniques
  8. Spiritual hypnotherapy
  9. How to create custom-made hypnosis recordings
  10. Past Life Regression
  11. Habit Control - Weight Loss and Smoking
  12. Achievement Consulting - Test-Taking, Sports, Creativity, Public Speaking and Other Performance Issues

Hypnotherapy Continuing Education
Transformational Hypnotherapy and healing for the 21st century

Start now!

You will have special interactive programs as well as demonstrations of the skills that you can easily incorporate into the flow of your life.

I have hundreds and hundreds of rave reviews, and you will be ecstatic with this new level of learning in your own life.

Come for joyful learning, connection, multimedia experiences, and much more!

Inside The Course

  • 1
    Our Protocols, Program, and Foundations
    • Important Note about Our Interactive Programs
    • Module 1 Our Protocols. Program, and Foundations
    • Welcome
    • A Hypnotherapy Session A-Z
    • Curriculum: Hypnotherapy Education Online
    • Overview of Hypnosis
  • 2
    Inductions and the Great Work of Transformation
    • Inductions and the Great Work of Transformation Video
    • Inductions and the Great Work of Transformation PDF
    • Levels of Consciousness
    • Ultra-Depth Induction
    • Questionnaires
  • 3
    Diving into the Basic Method
    • Diving into the Basic Method
    • Basic Method #1
    • What is Hypnotherapy?
    • Three Stages of Healing
    • Creating Recordings
    • Hypnotherapy Questions
  • 4
    The Radiant Power Technique
    • The Radiant Power Technique
    • About the Mind and Consciousness
    • The Radiant Power Technique #2
    • Understanding the Completion Process
    • The Brilliant Healing Power of the Wise Mind
    • Case Study: The Pattern that Put a Lump in Her Throat
  • 5
    Demonstration of the Radiant Power Technique as a Complete Session
    • Demonstration of the Radiant Power Technique as a Complete Session
    • Seven Insider Secrets
    • Six Reasons it's Good to Be a Hypnotherapist
    • The Timeless Power of Spiritual Hypnosis
    • Three Phrases to Avoid When Using the Language of Hypnosis
  • 6
    Radiant Power, Light, Love, and Anchoring
    • Radiant Power, Light, Love, and Anchoring
    • The Radiant Power Technique Review
    • Creating a Recording Review
    • Brilliant Inner Healing Light
    • The Healing Power of Love
    • Anchoring Your Healing
  • 7
    The Interactive Transformational Healing Hypnotherapy Method
    • Interactive Transformational Healing Hypnotherapy Method
    • The Progressive Relaxation Induction (review)
    • Induction from the Recording
    • Experience-Release-Transform (review)
    • Overview of Method #3
    • More on Anchoring and Creating Recording
    • Understanding the “ReSourcing” Method for Quickly Uncovering Inner Blocks
  • 8
    Demos of Interactive Transformational Healing Hypnotherapy Method
    • Demos of Interactive Transformational Healing Hypnotherapy Method
  • 9
    Review of the 3 Methods and Quiz for Review Purposes
    • Review of the 3 Methods and Quiz for Review Purposes
  • 10
    Past Life Regression
    • Past Life Regression
    • Fascinating Things to Know About Past Lives
    • Some History of Past Life Work
    • How to Do a Past Life Regression
    • Individual Regression
  • 11
    Habit Control Overview
    • Overview
    • Weight Loss and Smoking
    • Give Habit Control Certification Home Study Program
  • 12
    Achievement Hypnotherapy
    • Overview
    • Test Taking, Sports, Creativity, Public Speaking, Other Performance Issues
    • Give Achievement Certification Home Study Program

"Marilyn has a way of presenting even the most esoteric material in a grounded and fully accessible way."

Lucy Grace Yaldezian, CHT, CHC.

"I had the privilege of being one of the instructors at Marilyn's school for nearly ten years and know her well. I value her knowledge, high standards, integrity and heart. She can always be counted on to provide excellent content in an organized, professional manner. Marilyn has a way of presenting even the most esoteric material in a grounded and fully accessible way. Whether in her writing, speaking, teaching or healing, her genuine caring shines through. She is such a light in our world!"

"Your class has instilled a great deal of confidence in me."

Mark Bushnell, Cht

“Your teachings come from a place of such Love. Your class has instilled a great deal of confidence in me. I want to let you know now that I am so grateful to you for the beautiful and effective tools you've given me. I know they come from a place of real Love. I look forward to continuing this perfect cycle, using the insights you've passed on to me and so many others. They are a True Gift. I hope you realize how much you have helped make this world a better place.”

"She transformed my life for good."

Rosalina Black, Life Transformation & Achievement Consultant, Energy Healer Practitioner, Author

"Marilyn is the most giving, wise, kind, gentle, teacher, hypnotherapist, person, human being I have ever known. Most important, Marilyn wants to share all this with all of us, making a big difference in our lives and making me feel special all the time! I have all her books along with other programs and three certifications from her Center. She transformed my life for good. I learned how to meditate and to overcome very difficult issues in my life through her healing methods. Thanks to Marilyn and her undivided support and wise advice I was able to start a new business and even to write my first book! Marilyn Gordon is the best healer in many modalities. In a few words I totally trust her advice and teachings. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from her!”

"No matter how many good things I say about her, it wouldn't be enough to cover all the wonderful things I think about her!”

Yvonne Mitchell, CH. Certified Holistic Life, Career and Life Purpose Coach

“Marilyn's talents and wisdom are without parallel, and she is a true gem. All her programs, books, services and products are spectacular! I've been a HUGE fan of hers for years, and her work has been invaluable in my personal and business development. She is in fact, my personal GURU, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. No matter how many good things I say about her, it wouldn't be enough to cover all the wonderful things I think about her!”


  • I already heal with another modality. Would it be good to take this course?

    Absolutely! We've had many people combine two or more healing modalities to bring more power to their work. If you've been working with a physically demanding modality, doing our kind of healing work will help you take the stress off your own body.

  • Do you show us various ways to do this work?

    Absolutely! First of all, we show you different methods and styles of doing this work. Secondly, we show you how to create multiple streams of income through workshops, books, webinars, teleseminars, speaking engagements, membership sites, and more.

  • I'd like to work online with clients. Is is possible with this work?

    Yes, for sure! We show you exactly how to do this and with what tools.

  • I have a lot of challenges in my own life. Will this help me?

    Yes! Deepen your own personal inner healing to create clarity, advance your spiritual path, and overcome the challenges of life. Transform inner challenges like fear, insecurity, self-doubt, self-criticism that may come as you do your true work. When you live in your power and not your patterns, your work thrives and flourishes. And we give you the tools and experiences to show you how!

  • Do you show us how to promote our work?

    Absolutely! We show you multiple methods for promoting and sharing your work with others.

  • I took a course that was so boring. Is yours this way?

    Absolutely not! Our course is experiential, transformational, fascinating, compelling, and relevant. Our students love it!

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